Erik’s Handy Checklists & Tools

Erik’s Handy Hints
Here’s a stack of useful hints and tips, tried and true! There’s no rocket science here, just good old fashioned common sense, which sometimes isn’t all that common!
– The low down on basic budgeting
– The Seven Deadly Sins of Wealth Creation
– Do you qualify for the Super Co-Contribution scheme?
Checklists &Tools
Here are a few checklists you might find useful. We’ll add to this list overtime, so if one of our team sends you to the web site to download a checklist, you’ll find it here:
– Get ready for your 2016 Personal Income Tax Return by completing our questionaire and checklist.
– Investment Property? Work through our Rental Property Schedule

Finally, if you have sold any assets during the year please provide full details so we can determine whether capital gains tax may apply to the transaction. Download personal income tax Personal Tax Return Checklist and Questionnaire (Online form ONLY to be used for new clients with a booked appointment) here!

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    Here's a stack of useful hints and tips, tried and true! There's no rocket science here,

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